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The Liberal Hollywood Myth

The Liberal Hollywood Myth
Gerard J. Zarella 2011

     For any Conservatives out there that think that Michael Moore represents the "Liberal voice of Hollywood,"  here's a news flash.  Not everyone in Hollywood is Liberal or Progressive.  There are many respectable Hollywood personalities that are staunchly Conservative, and many of them make no bones about it.  Even a writer on Andrew Brietbart's blog admits that there are some Conservative messages coming out of Hollywood.  When Conservatives feel like they're being left out, they make sweeping, all-inclusive whiny statements like that of blogger Jack Camwell, "I suppose we can all rest easy that Hollywood writers and execs have admitted, on camera, that they are lackeys for the liberal agenda."  Mr. Camwell is definitely not the only Conservative to complain about "liberal Hollywood."  Several of Mr. Camwell's premises are flawed.  (By the way, I have nothing against Mr. Camwell, don't know the guy. I happen to follow his blog because I like the rustic style he uses to write. We even agree on a couple points like this and the general premise of this.  A close read of Mr. Camwell's posts demonstrate that he's a colorful writer, who prefers to write in an arguably adult vernacular - he has an NC-17 warning on his blog), but he makes some interesting points, not always spot on though.  Let's take a look:
  • Freedom of Speech - Camwell complains that the Liberal platform is to silence anyone that doesn't agree with the Left point of view.  Hmmm, I posted part of this post on Mr. Camwell's blog as a comment to his Hollywood post, and it disappeared from the comments list in under 5 minutes! (Editing Note:  It turned out that the spam filter kicked my comment off of the post, and I owe Mr. Camwell an apology on this point.  My comments stand as written on his blog) (Hey, Mr. Camwell - If you happen to visit here to read this, your comments are welcomed and as long as they're rated at least PG-13, I'll not edit or delete them.) He, like the famously bias Conservative news outlet FOX, apparently only likes free speech when it agrees with his point of view.  Freedom of Speech implies that we also have a right to hear all sides of an argument, and I thank Mr. Camwell for giving me the opportunity to respond in his forum.
  • He criticizes what he says Liberals want for disenfranchised and vulnerable citizens, access to the same rights and privileges that he has.  The statement sounds like for some reason he doesn't think everyone deserves the same rights and privileges.  I guess he's following the Conservative premise that there is a privileged class in America - and the rest of us are along for the ride?
  • He claims that Liberals expect everyone to think like they do.  Isn't that what you're doing in your blog, Mr. Camwell, like the rest of us, trying to win people over to your Conservative point of view?
  • He stated that people who are too Conservative are barred from Hollywood.  Hmmm, the point of my comment on his blog that was deleted was there are enough Conservatives in Hollywood to make enough noise that we notice.  If you doubt that there are Conservatives in Hollywood, take a look at this list compiled on  The blogger, Justin Quinn states, "By coming out with a clearly right-of-center film -- a comedy, no less -- Hollywood conservatives are saying they're willing to put their careers on the line to help the movement move into the light of day." I don't think that Conservatives have any problem making their bourgeois ideology known, even in Hollywood.  Take a good look at the list, there are a lot of big ticket names on that list, no shrinking violets in that group.
  • A direct quote from Mr. Camwell, "To stifle the voice of your opposition, however, is wholly contrary to what we know to be American values."  I guess his hypocrisy only applies if you support his flawed paradigm, and doesn't apply to his blog.  (See Editing Note Above)  Freedom of Speech, a cornerstone of our Constitution, last time I checked had no qualifiers.  Everyone is entitled to an opinion.  Unfortunately, as the Internet is teaching us, freedom of speech doesn't always imply factual accuracy.
  • In this post he is disingenuously condescending and dismissive to Liberals, "I don’t expect hyper-partisan idiots to understand a concept as complex as “liberty.”  Contrary to popular belief, liberty does not mean you have to will someone to believe exactly as you do.  To love liberty you actually have to love diversity.  For us to be a nation of free individuals, we have to agree that idiots are allowed to be idiots."  He's called Liberals stupid, and basically un-American exemplified by the picture of Stalin along with his remarks about Liberals.  His message says to me, "You can be diverse, as long as you're not too diverse."
  • Finally, he accuses Americans in general, in another post, of being "retarded" and in need of educating by the Right. He parrots the Right belief that "Conservative activism must be maintained at all times to keep Americans educated."" Why is it that the Right thinks that they need to educate the rest of us?  Because they believe we're all too stupid to think for ourselves. Because we don't buy into their line of crap!  Symptomatic of the Right, he doesn't present any ideas to improve the country.  He makes an effort to paint Liberals with a tainted brush and childishly calls us demeaning names.  All he can come up with is "80% of Americans are functionally retarded."  Of course, that's what the rest of the Conservative lemmings think too.  Eighty percent of the people must be right about something to all be on the same wavelenght in opposing the Conservative ideology.  As telling is that he posits that only 20% of Americans agree with the "smart" Conservative ideology.  Not exactly an overwelming majority with any kind of mandate to govern.  Mr. Camwell could read Dale Carnegie's, "How to Win Friends and Influence People," if he would like to win the "stupid" masses over to his way of thinking.  Sorry, Mr. Camwell, it doesn't sound as if you are much for an inclusive America.  Sounds like you want to indoctrinate the rest of us to your seriously flawed picture of a Conservative republic marching lock step with the rest of the narrowly defined Conservative ideology.
As I stated earlier in this post, I agree with some of Camwell's progressive positions, but in the Hollywood post, he unfortunately fell back on the Conservative whine that the mainstream media, represented by Hollywood personalities, are all hopelessly Liberal.  If only that were true!  Have a good day Mr. Camwell.


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