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Welcome to my blog. Essays on my thoughts on anything and everything, original photography, philosophical musings, spiritual beliefs, political rants, and shameless promotion of things I think are good for us individually, collectively as citizens of the United States of America and good stewards of the planet Earth. We must honor our higher lights and face our inner demons in the diverse forms they appear in our world. The more people with whom we can share common awareness, regardless of our egocentric perception, the larger our personal share of the Human Spirit.

Many of the photographs on the blog are original photography taken by me with my trusty cell phones and now BlackBerry. Some others have been with an array of off the shelf digital cameras. The subtle double rainbow on the title was photographed east of my home on 10/15/2010 at 6:23 PM on my BlackBerry. For a campy, tongue in cheek look at the meaning or non-meaning of double rainbows, check this out, or if you're more interested this...

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Water Water Everywhere...

Minor Flooding in Low Lying Areas, Northeast Ohio

Yankee Creek in Masury, OH 5/15/2011
Following the second day of moderate to heavy rain, local streams and rivers are starting to overrun their banks and inundating low lying areas and roadways.

This is the same view of Yankee Creek last week.

Mmmm-mmmm, fresh caught turtle and
some home grown vegetables.
       This is Yankee Creek in Masury, OH mostly fed by run off from farmlands to the northwest of this area through Brookfield, Hartford and Fowler. Many of us as kids fished for pan fish, bass, catfish and carp in parts of the creek. Other areas were good for trapping fry for bait. 
I'll have mine sauteed in a
little butter and garlic
     This small running stream also provided tasty snapping turtles and fat bull frogs to a local restaurant, Schuster's with it's own landmark legacy, but long since closed. Local chefs and cooks specialized in preparing a favorite of visitors and locals alike.  I remember kids who could make a few bucks for each turtle or bunch of frog legs they could sell to the restaurant.  Catching a 10 or 15 pound snapping turtle is an art in itself, as well as ummm, dispatching it and preparing the vegetable based soup.  A few locals can still cook up a fine pot of turtle soup or fry you up some leapin' frogs' legs.  They go great with dipping sauces, too! 

     A dam in Yankee Lake, OH in northern Brookfield Township once held back waters to form Yankee Lake, once a popular summer spot that featured a small lake that provided a developed swimming area and areas to fish and camp.  The Yankee Lake Inn and Ballroom continue to attract people from a wide area for entertainment, spirits and eats.  The aging dam was removed years ago, returning the creek back to the way it must have flowed before the construction of Yankee Lake, OH in the early century.  The area now is a dry lake bed that is popular with lovers of mud and trucks, Yankee Lake Truck Night.  The stream runs through Masury and crosses the state line into Pennsylvania where it feeds the waters of the Shenango River.

Count your blessings...

Louisiana, USA (AP): Our minor flooding is nothing, of course compared to what they are experiencing in the south and Midwest along the Mississippi.

Raw News Footage of Release of Water from Floodgates in Louisiana.  If you are so inclined, say a prayer for all the folks that have been and will be displaced by mother nature this week. Make a donation today to help those who have lost so much.

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      It's Our Responsibility...

      Small and bubbling or mighty and roaring, our local waterways are fountains of life and enjoyment.  Whether we use them for commerce, recreation, or as a food source, the environment is only as good as we make it.  It's too bad that local delicacies like snapping turtle soup and deep fried frog legs are slowly but surely becoming more and more rare, because of the use of chemicals in local agriculture and live stock operations.  Agriculture and environmentalists can and do work together to make sure that our food supply is stocked with healthy, naturally grown food and our environment is still capable of producing edible local delicacies.

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